This is the most important organ of Ruwe Holy Ghost Church of East Africa as it is the supreme and apex decision making body. It comprises of all the Synod Representatives ( one representative from each Pastorate), all Pastors, all Bishops and the entire  Management Committee.It convenes once a year.

This organ of the church is specifically composed of the Bishops under the leadership of the Most Reverend Arch Bishop. Its main responsibilities are to offer overal spiritual guidance of the church, advice the Arch Bishop and any other matter thereof brought before them for determination.

Is not a department per se but one of the key organs within the church to nurture the youth and bring them closer to church.

  • It is purpose driven and embraces new technology to perpetuate the teachings of Ruwe Holy Ghost church of Africa.
  • Its main responsibility is to organize festivals e.g. music, sports, drama and various forms of co-curricular activities.
  • It is composed of two categories; junior category (5-17 years old) and senior category (18-35 years old) to carry out the word of God.
  • The maximum age limit is 35 years.
  • They do elect officials at the Church, Pastorate and Diocese levels. The church level operates under the church, the Pastorate level operates under the Pastorate, the Diocese level operates under the Diocese while the National level operates under the executive committee..
  • This organ is mandated to hold two meetings yearly, one at the Diocese level and the other at the National level.
  • It performs any other duties as may be assigned by the executive committee.

Is another pillar organization within the church. There is only one women leader at the Pastorate level and she reports to the Pastor in charge. Her responsibilities include;

  • Officiating the inauguration ceremonies of senior Deaconesses.
  • Ensuring that women in her Pastorate carry out their responsibilities and reports to the Pastor in charge any shortcomings thereof.
  • Being in charge and responsible for church trainings in her Pastorate of jurisdiction in coordination with the Pastor.
  • Through her Pastor, she co-ordinates with the Education Department at the Head office for all training programs and leadership materials including gowns, wooden crosses, etc.  

Is also one of the fundamental organs within the Church. It is made up of the Pastors’ spouses, Bishops’ spouses and the Archbishop’s spouse whose main role is to provide spiritual leadership especially to ladies who due to their gender require special attention.

  • Presiding over Lamb Chir’ is one of the key roles of this organ.
  • It ensures that all churches have Sabbath services for the young on Saturday mornings before the main/ adults’ Sabbath service.

Though the term ‘CLERGY’ widely covers all the spiritual leaders within Ruwe Holy Ghost Church, from the church level up to the Arch Bishop, This organ is only composed of Pastors as heads of the Pastorates. Its mandate not administrative but is responsible for addressing the Pastors welfare in general.